Monday, January 31, 2011

Mash Up!

Today I was meant to go to an all day ringette tournament in a small town. I didn't want to go. I wasn't feeling good and the thought of being cold in a rink seemed like the worst possible idea. The last week has been so busy and I really needed to have a day to rest and settle. I felt guilty, though, for letting my team down. Do you ever do that? Over commit and then realize that you won't be yourself and won't be able to give your best to others if you don't take some time away?

jan 29 2011

Tonight was my friend's Champagne birthday party. We had avocado chocolate cupcakes, bacon-wrapped cherries, bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple glaze, veggies, fruit pizza and delights. We listened to Girl Talk and Norwegian Recycling. It was pretty fun! It's nice to see all my friends in one place. A lot of us used to work at a bookstore until it closed. We all have such different lives but it's nice to catch up.

dress & leggings: Joe Fresh
cardigan: Ricki's
belt: H&M

Today I'm thankful for clean floors. It's such a delight to walk around on hard wood floors and not pick up little bits of grit on my toes! Makes kitchen dancing that much smoother... more smooth? Um...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I used to write letters, I used to sign my name

Oh Friday where have you been all my life?

I wanted to wear different shades of the same colour range, just to see if it would work or if I would look like a hobo.
jan 28 2011

My friends and I had a really interesting conversation that, among other things, touched on what is looking sexy? A lot of times people seem to think that showing a lot of skin or wearing something form fitting is sexy. And, I guess, sometimes it is. But just because some clothing fits in the parameters of being sexy doesn't necessarily mean that it is. Having your belly out just because it's tanned doesn't automatically make you sexy. Dressing apporpriately for you shape and above all having confidence and genuinely liking yourself and the world is what makes a woman sexy. As for men? Ahhh have a shower and put on a suit with a kind and saucy smile and you're good! Kidding. There's more to it than that... sort of.
shirt: Smart Set
vest & skirt: Ricki's 
tights: maybe Walmart?
shoes: Dune via ebay

The Gentleman Caller picked todays pictures. Beware.

Today I'm thankful for flower shops. I went to pick up some flowers that were part of a gift certificate fundraising thing for a family who is going back to Vietnam to help people there. I bought one to give to my friend who is turning 31 on Jan 31st (Champagne Birthday!). It was 24 roses, 24 beautiful long stem roses! They didn't hold back even though it was a deal. They are beautiful! And the shop was so pretty and smelled amazing. And the best part? They had 3 puppies that were running around that I got to cuddle while I waited! 

Title from We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire (I saw them once in Montreal opening for U2... the whole experience was magical!)


Friday, January 28, 2011

Step over it

Tonight is my sister's birthday supper. Her birthday was in August but, you know, we've been busy!
Hockey last night was pretty fun. Because no one really knows how to pass or anything it was a lot of skating and chasing. Which showed me that am woefully unfit. But it was really fun and the girls are nice. With more practise I'll know what to do with the puck. Probably.

jan 27 2011

As I was turning on the lights in my kitchen to take these photos something glinted and caught my eye. My scissors... I had an urge. In a fit of spontaneity I cut my bangs. Yup 30 seconds before these photos were taken my little hairs were stuck to my sink... Looking at the pictures, I may have to even them out.

blazer & shirt: Ricki's
necklace: Paraphernalia
skirt: Gap
leggings: H&M
shoes: Camper Twins

Today I am thankful for the Camper brand of shoe. The are like pillows for your feet! I got my first pair at Gravity Pope in Calgary and fell in love. When I was waitressing they saved my life. And the best thing is that they have a whole line of 'twins': pairs that are similar but not the same! Cool!

The Camper website is actually worth having a look at. There a cool music video with floor pianos and guitars!

And then guess what happened?? I'm on Kimberly's February Outfit Inspiration Calendar! How exciting is that? I'm looking forward to checking out the other ladies blogs!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

You can do anything but lay off my blue suede shoes

I've been feeling like a frumpy, schlumpy, grumpy bump lately. Maybe because winter is always hard. or it's often grey and cold. Or because I'm too tired to put contacts in and make a makeup effort. Mostly it's probably because I haven't been working out because I feel like crud, and I feel like crud because I haven't been doing anything except falling asleep at any moment other than nighttime.
jan 26 2011

Tonight I'm going to play hockey (eek!). I play ringette and I can skate but stick-handling? Bit scary really. But my friend has assured me that it is just a women's beer league for fun...
dress: Joe Fresh
cami: Smart Set
necklace: ?
pin: Portobello Road Market
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: Carvela, gift
glasses: Prada

I love these shoes but I don't wear them too often. They're pretty high and blue is hard to match with. My English friend Sarah bought us matching pairs as a going away gift when I left England. I have good friends!

Today I am thankful for busy days. You know the days where everything is going on but you've got it covered? It's days like these when I feel really competent. And man that is a good feeling!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It all comes out in the wash

Yesterday's massage was delightful. But today's recovery is not so very nice. I spent the entire day alternating between hot and cold on my neck. Oh well. Not to worry.
jan 25 2011

And it's super nice out again today! I didn't even wear socks to walk home in! It was like summer! Balmy -3 C summer!
cardi: Ricki's 
blue dress: bathing suit cover-up from Costco
black maxi dress and black tank: Joe Fresh
sparkly necklace: Joe Fresh
shoes: Camper Twins
glasses: Prada

Two of my coworkers today (from Pakistan and Burma) thought I looked very cultural today. Which is pretty much the best thing that I can think of. I don't feel like I have a cultural identity of my own. I'm as blah-ly Canadian as possible so it's nice to get a comment like that!

Today I'm thankful for understanding that while things and plans are nice, what matters most is that the people you love being healthy and happy.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tobogganing !!

Today we went tobogganing!

 It was a beautiful day out! Sunshiney -5 C.

It was a very steep hill and after watching my friends fling themselves down and disappear over a bump I got a bit scared.

But I eventually pulled myself together and flew down the hill only to get a face full of snow! 

For the first 20 minutes it was beautiful. Then the wind came up and blew all the loose snow around. 

Then we went for Bailey's and hot chocolate.

The End. 


It's been so long since you said...

I'm very slow to get moving on saturdays. I try but time just seems to slip away.
I ventured out to the east end of the city to get groceries. Now you have to understand that the east end is crazy, poorly planned, full of big box stores and grumpy people. I'm not sure why I thought this would be a good idea.
jan 22, 2011

It actually wasn't bad at all. Yes there were people driving like crazy people and making their own parking spots. And people pushing enormous carts piled to the brim with cat food, rice and orange juice, rounding corners without looking. And, of course, the line ups were insane. However. I had no where else I needed to be and was happy to people watch and chat with the lady in front of me about The Secret.

green ribbon: from a ribbon watch that was a Christmas present
black long underwear shirt: Walmart?
dress: H&M
leggings: Joe Fresh
boots: Spring

Later in the afternoon my family picked me up for an Asian grocery adventure! I love this little store full of things I don't understand and many delights!

Then the ladies got together to cuddle a baby and play games. Which is pretty perfect if you ask me.

Today I'm thankful for lazy days that allow a nap in the middle. Perfect.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Back for another

I was so excited to have sushi for lunch. I ran up the escalator dreaming of avocado rolls only to discover that i didn't bring my wallet. It was in my other purse. I don't change bags very often but I imagine if I did this would be a serious and recurring problem.
jan 21, 2011

So instead I read my book. I've been reading the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. It's really good and drew me in from the beginning. It's a young adult book but those are sometimes my favourite, especially if they are well written.
top: Smart Set - it was too hot in the office for the jacket
skirt: Ricki's
black patterned tights: Ricki's
Rubine patterned tights: We Love Colours
boots: Ayla
glasses: Prada

Dinner was especially delicious because I was ravenous by that time. The most delicious salad with the girls and then sushi later with the Gentleman...
Gosh, I love love love food!

Today I am thankful for ladies to have drinks and dinner with. Who always provide crazy conversations and much laughter...

Friday, January 21, 2011

I keep my feet on solid ground

Last night it was cold and tired and everything just seemed so grey. I tend to make abrupt choices sometimes to give me hope to get through hard things.
jan 20 2011

So, uh, I booked a trip to England.
cardi & dress: Ricki's
tights: We Love Colours
boots: Ayla
earrings: gift from Italy
lace necklace: an etsy shop that I can't remember

Can you even believe that it's already nearly the end of January? Only 6 more months of winter! Kidding...  Kinda.

Today I'm thankful for TRIVIA NIGHT! I love my team, everyone has their knowledge niche. And the University bar has the BEST sweet potato fries. Which makes Danielley a happy girl indeed!

title from: Many Moons by Janelle MonĂ¡e
PS have you seen this woman dance? Can you imagine what a prodigy a child between her and Andre 3000 would be! For evidence of dancing and general awesome-itude:

and since it won't let me embed it, look up Tightrope
Really, it's for your own good.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

There are days when the cage doesn't seem to open very wide at all

Today I'm wearing my old glasses. They're a prescription behind but not too different. I spent the whole day praying that I wouldn't fall over and rip my tights... Mission accomplished! I can walk upright!
jan 19 2011

Tonight I just feel like making mac and cheese and reading. So that's what I'll do!
brown dress: Joe Fresh
belt: off the packaging of Anthropologie measuring cups
tights: Celeste Stein
boots: Ayla
blue sparkle glasses: Oxydo

Today I'm thankful for people who can take an off handed comment and turn into an exciting idea that I can't shake.

And I'm also super thankful for the people who read this little ole blog! You blow me away with your kindness and make me happy to connect with people in far off places.

title from "Bleeding All Over You" by Martha Wainwright