Thursday, March 29, 2012

Once upon a time I was a felon... On the lamb.

One cold winter evening I was driving to my ringette game. Since I was just going to the game and back home again I didn't bring anything with me. No wallet, no ID, no nothing. I was pulled over by the police in a routine stopcheck. I wasn't worried because all through my driver training I had learned that you have up to 24 hours to produce your license at the police station. I slowed to a stop, rolled down my window, and explained to a scowling police officer that I didn't have my license on me but that he could check on the computer with my name. 

He went back to his police car, I went back to listening to the radio and wishing I was wearing socks. 
Suddenly, he appeared beside my window and demanded that I get out of the car and asking me if I had anything sharp on me. I kept reminding him that I (obviously) had nothing on me, unless he counted the skates that were tucked away in the trunk. 

This photo relates to the story because 1) it's winter and 2) it's the same car (wait, was it?)

He put me in the back of the police car and told me that I was driving without a license. And that my car was being impounded. And that there was a serious charge against me. I was in shock and very confused as I had paid for my license 2 months earlier. I asked if I could use his phone to call my parents. No. I asked if I could borrow 25 cents. No. He let me go and I watched as my car was being towed away. I hurried as fast as my freezing feet would carry me across the street to a Humpty's restaurant. Now, I'm sure that most towns have this kind of restaurant... It's a place you really only want to be at 3am eating poutine, after dancing your heart out and drinking many cocktails. I begged a quarter from the waiter and called my parents to rescue me. They arrived in about 15 minutes, and handed my perfectly valid license to the officer. 

Turns out that because I have an apostrophe in my last name everything got complicated. When I was 16 the computer system allowed the apostrophe, when I renewed when I was 17 it didn't. When the grumpy officer looked up my name he didn't try the various combinations (which I asked him to, name misspellings happen a lot!) and thought that I hadn't had a license since I was 16 years old. Strangely enough he wasn't very apologetic. Since the car was already taken to the police impound lot it cost us $150 to get it out and since the paperwork had already been filed I had a court date to discuss my driving without a license. 

The problem was that I was leaving for England for 2 years before the court date. I had to track down the provincial prosecutor, explain the story and convince him of my innocence. He said that I had nothing to worry about and that he would stand up for me at the court date and have the whole thing dismissed. He also suggested that my whole family get new driver's licenses so that this never happened again. 

As I was standing in line at security before boarding my international flight all I could think was that maybe I was going to be stopped because I was a criminal on the run.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Shoes: Black Hard Hearted Harlot

As I was cleaning out my apartment I discovered I have a rather lot of shoes. Miss Sal from Already Pretty has a series called Sunday Shoes. I've decided to share them to remind myself why I love them, the stories behind them and as an archive of the ones I've had to say goodbye to.

Hard Hearted Harlot from ebay

I bought the red version of these shoes in England. When I saw these on ebay I bought them immediately. So fast, in fact, that I neglected to look at the size. Yup, they're a size too small. But on a good day I can wear them and be 75% happy!


Friday, March 23, 2012

An outing

The Gentleman Caller and I have been working a lot lately. We thought that it was time for some culture. Did we see a show? Go to a museum?

Heck no!

We went to a rugby game!

I know absolutely nothing about rugby except that they lift each other up to catch the ball. And I think that's neat.
dress: Joe 
tank: Target
leggings: Dynamite
shoes: Crocs
sunnies: Ricki's

The AAMI stadium was beautiful, new, and clean. Every seat was a good one. And you know you're at an Australian event when they sell Dim Sims at the food kiosk.

After the game we wandered over to Federation Square where a Thai Festival was going on. I didn't get any photos because I was too busy eating delicous food.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I've just been made aware that there is a giant shoe sale down the street! 70% off!! How is a girl supposed to resist this? Must. Save. Money.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today, at 7:56am, I saw a man with a green parrot on his shoulder standing in the middle of the street. He said " I know, mate, this sucks" and the parrot responded "Yup!"

Also the parrot had clearly pooed on his back.

Sunday Shoes: Tie Up Mary Janes

As I was cleaning out my apartment I discovered I have a rather lot of shoes. Miss Sal from Already Pretty has a series called Sunday Shoes. I've decided to share them to remind myself why I love them, the stories behind them and as an archive of the ones I've had to say goodbye to.

Tie Up Mary Janes from Next, London, England

The best part of these shoes is the little peep holes on the sides of the shoes. I feel like these are glamourous 1950s housewife shoes!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Melbourne: The List

Things I Like:
- Restaurants bring you water immediately. You never have to ask for it. I love it!

- Melbourne tap water is delicious. Better than bottled. I can even drink it warm. 

- everyone, and I mean children to old men, have iphones. 

- beets are everywhere. You can get them on a sandwich or in a can or at the store or in a salad or on a burger. And they call it beetroot. How cute is that?

- public transport. I love that I can walk out my front door and catch a tram to the city or to work. I try not to because they are bloody expensive and their new-ish swipe card paying system barely works... 

- breakfast. I've never really loved breakfast foods very much. But here? You can get breakfast at most places all day. And I love poached eggs with pretty much anything!

- gorgeous flowers that I've only seen in photos and in my dreams are hanging out on trees like it's no big deal

- same with palm trees. Sometimes I forget that I am in a different place and then I see these trees just doing their thing and I'm all "Whoa!" 

- old Victorian houses. What a dream it would be to live in one of these!

Things I Don't Like: 
- People refuse to share the sidewalk here. They will not move over and share the space. People will just want 4 across and force anyone so unfortunate to meet them to step into the street or duck into a shop until they pass. So rude! Also people don't walk on the proper side of the sidewalk. If you drive on the left, walk on the left! That way everyone can walk and get to where they are going! GRRR!

- Right now the Australian Grand Prix car racing is going on in a park down the road. I'm sitting in my 6th floor apartment and can barely hear myself think because of all the VROOOOMing that is going on. When will this end???

- There is no such thing as pedestrians having the right of way. Not even at all. Every car seems to think that it is the most important thing on the road. They do not slow down at intersections even if you have a walk light. They will never let you cross and if you do try to they will just honk at you even though in no way did you impede them. Also they don't seem to care about emergency vehicles. I saw 4 cars turn in front of an ambulance just so that they could make a light. Ambulances should have to wait for people who think they are important!!  

- Movies cost $18.50!!! WHAT???

Things I Don't Get:
- cricket. It's a game that lasts for days, has rules that make no sense, and they all wear white while not much happens

- Fake grass. In a lot of front yards and areas along the road they've installed Astroturf. Like the stuff that you might play football on, if you played football. I get that it's too hot to grow proper grass but isn't the scrubby grass better because it's real??

- Melbourne weather. It's hot, then cold, then rainy, then hot again. All within 40 minutes. 

Things I Miss:
- Blonde hair

- Pink Hair

- Nose ring (I still have a stud but miss the actual ring)

- laughing until my guts hurt

- having friends

- enjoying days off because I had things to do and people to do them with

- my own space. Sharing an apartment is fine and dandy. The people are really nice. But only the bedroom feels comfortable because that is the only thing that is mine. 

- crafting

- reading books that I want to read. I don't know what to read anymore not to mention the fact that I can't really afford a book and am unable to download one to my Kobo because of shoddy internet

- being able to use the internet to do what I like. I miss being able to read blogs. Sometimes I can get the words, rarely I can get the pictures. I miss being able to watch silly YouTube videos too... 

Today I am grateful for an elevator that is on the ground floor just when I need it to be. 


Monday, March 12, 2012

Date Day

Even though the Gentleman Caller and I live together we don't really see that much of each other. We both work all the time and have conflicting schedules. So one day we decided to have a date day.  We slept in, went swimming and then went across the street for brunch!

Oh la la!  Eggs Benedict! 

Then we walked (in my heels!) to the Belgian Beer Cafe.

dress: Target
belt: H&M
bag: Matt & Nat
Shoes: Wittner

 And drank delish beer and played Crib like a pair of oldies. 

We had just enough time for an afternoon nap before heading into the city for cheap dumplings. We ran into the Greek Festival and had some loukoumades!

Then we took all of our dollar coins and when to the casino where The Gentleman won $75!! 
It was such a treat to be able to spend a whole day together! 


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Shoes: Teal T-Straps

As I was cleaning out my apartment I discovered I have a rather lot of shoes. Miss Sal from Already Pretty has a series called Sunday Shoes. I've decided to share them to remind myself why I love them, the stories behind them and as an archive of the ones I've had to say goodbye to.

Teal T-straps: TK Maxx, London, England

Once I was shopping for jeans with a friend of mine. He was looking for jeans and I was wandering. I saw these shoes in a very tiny size and fell in love. I scoured the shelves and finally found my size. Success!

Monday, March 5, 2012


When a friend offered I jumped at the chance to do some temp office work. I got up at the crack of dawn (or, you know, nearly 7am) to take a tram and a train to the suburb of Burnley to work for an engineering consulting company.

A couple of things:

1) Burnley smells strongly of dill pickles. I don't know if this is because there is a malt house beside the office or a bunch of nanas all got together to do some canning.

2) I've never seen an office with so much paper! I feel like if I lit a match - or even just walked really fast wearing tights the friction along would make the whole place go up like a tinderbox! Think Hoarders but in an office environment!

I'm not saying that it looked like this. I'm not not saying that either

3) These guys are old school. I type out hand written letters and email replies. One dude doesn't even have a computer! (But an iphone? Well, of course!) Luckily they are not so old school that they Mad Men-ly pinch me on the bottom! Thank goodness they were the nicest, maybe smartest bunch of guys ever!

4) I've done everything that was set out for me and everything else I can do with the written instructions left for me. I've even completed the extras 'if you have time' work. Now I'm sitting here writing this blog post (by hand, of course)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Shoes: Jessica Simpson

As I was cleaning out my apartment I discovered I have a rather lot of shoes. Miss Sal from Already Pretty has a series called Sunday Shoes. I've decided to share them to remind myself why I love them, the stories behind them and as an archive of the ones I've had to say goodbye to.

Jessica Simpson buckle shoe boots

How is it that Jessica Simpson makes gorgeous and comfortable shoes? I have no idea but I do know that it's true. I love the buckle and the height of the heel. Very sexy indeed.