Friday, March 29, 2013

Life is short

This awesome video was played at my orientation to working in Provincial Government. And honestly? It made me just want to hand in my resignation and do what I've been dreaming of...

So here it is. Life is short. Live your dream. Share your passion. Because isn't that why we're all here?


Thursday, March 28, 2013

A hairy situation

Ok guys. Let's chat about hair.
This photo was originally taken to discuss makeup... but I have bigger issues now...

I've always been pretty vain about my hair. Because it seems no matter what I do to it, it's good to me (except for the dreaded cut of 2006... but we're learning to trust each other again). And I'm very fortunate to have a lot of hair.

Except for the last month or so I'm having less hair everyday. I mean, it's really falling out. When I brush my hair, handfulls end up in the sink. This is at least twice a day. Throughout the day as I run my fingers through it 10-12 strands come with. My floor looks like a fuzzy sweater. It's not ok. It's really upsetting. I'm trying to be cool but I have a really bumpy head and I don't think that I can pull off bald (although I guess I could try a bunch of really vibrant eyeshadows and mad wigs).

I do have a doctor's appointment today. I'm looking forward to it / totally dreading it. I was hoping this would just sort itself out. I'm trying to think about what's different. My diet is healthier, if anything. I've been dyeing my hair for years and this started about a month after I last dyed my hair. I'm not overly stressed (I mean, I'm concerned about not having a car and really coveting an awesome apartment for the Gentleman Caller and myself). I'm not on any medications that I haven't been on for ages...

I know that's a lot of photos of my face. It's my blog. And these are the photos I have. Yup. 

What in the world is up? Has anyone had this experience? I'm trying not to worry too much but at the same time I'm FREAKING OUT!

Today I'm thankful for the mantra "it's only hair" even though I'm not sure it's helping...


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Trendy lady

So let's talk about trends for a second. They make me uncomfortable. I don't really buy into them. Or, I mean, I do but not until they've been around for a while. I think that it takes me that long to figure out if I like it, if I can make it work on my bod, if it's worthwhile.

Mar 25 2013 2

The coloured jeans thing? It looks great on other people. I swoon especially over red jeans. But I don't really wear pants that much. 'Cause I usually wear dresses not that I'm like Donald Duck (aka nudie on the bottom).

But today I was shopping for leggings really. And then I found a dress for a wedding. And then I found these pants for $15! What a deal! I'm willing to try a trend for that much moneys... even when the pants are a smidge too big.

cardi, top, pants: Ricki's
shoes: Red or Dead

So what do you think? Are they me? I'm unsold... but I do love colour!

Today I'm thankful for sales. I like being cheap.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mr Golden Sun

Yesterday's post was all makeup-y. Today you get a makeup-free Danielley. That's just how it works on Keep Warm. We like to mix things up.

mar 25 2013

I wore this to walk to the grocery store. It was deceivingly sunny out. It was not warm at all and by the time I got there I thought my cheeks were going to fall off.

hat: H&M
sweater and t-shirt: Smart Set
jeans: Cleo
boots: Spring

On this walk I also discovered that these boots are neither warm nor water-proof. Oh well... they've had a good run.

Today I'm thankful for sun. Even if it's a lie. 


Monday, March 25, 2013

Hero in disguise

I had Friday off and again on Monday!

mar 22 2013

The Gentleman Caller and I decided to go on a mini roadtrip. It was snowy and blowy and questionable if we'd be able to go. But the roads were opened and conditions were ice and drifting snow and we made it!

We had such a good weekend. We didn't do much except eat delicious things and chill out and laugh. Perfect.

blazer: Ricki's
tops: Smart Set
belt: Silpada
jeans: Cleo
boots: Bullboxer

I also stopped by Sephora and had a fabulous experience! I knew that I wanted to get some Benefit products and, amazingly, it was Benefit Day! I asked some questions and tried some products with help from a Benefit rep who really knew what she was talking about. She was so positive and helpful. And I got a bunch of free goodies too! Bargain!

I bought Benefit Fake Up and Fine One One as well as the Urban Decay spray. The rest was bonus!

New products on the way to dinner!

Today I am thankful for people who really seem to love what they are doing and whose enthusiasm is contagious. LOVE IT!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Show & Tell

Hey team. This week the snow fell and fell and fell.  This is what we're looking at:

That's March 2012                        This is March 2013
And that's my uncle running, which is weird because we found this on Facebook. 

The Gentleman Caller and I really want to take a minibreak roadtrip up to Saskatoon (there's really good restaurants...) but, friends, it's not looking great, let me tell you. Highways have been closed, people stranded, 100 car pileups... But then again we are hardy Prairie people, surely we can make it?

So, links!

How utterly gorgeous are these cherry blossoms in Japan?

Likewise with these terraced rice fields in China.

Google Reader is kaput. What to do now? Cara does all the research for us! 

Did you hear? The Titanic bandmaster's violin was found! I'm slightly skeptical. 

How to pair wine and food with an inforgraphic. 

In hair  / dress news:
Cara got a new haircut and it's stunning and a green dress that reminds me of Ireland!

Chelsea wore a fab new eShakti dress with the greatest colours of all time (and got bangs)

Laura's purple dress is marvellous and compliments her green hair!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Breaking down

Today is my Friday! YEHAW! (except you'll be seeing this on actual Friday and I took this photo on Wednesday so that's a bit confusing)

I was so busy at work today. I have Friday and Monday off and I was rushing around making sure all the projects I'm working on seem to be ticking along and won't miss me.

mar 20 2013

I'm a bit stressed about leaving actually. But I just have to be cool and let go and have a fabbo weekend! I went straight from work to my parents house to keep warm beside a fire, then directly to trivia, then to bed. Hence the late post. Busy busy.

cardi: Smart Set
tank: Cotton On
skirt: Smart Set
leggings: Joe Fresh
boots: Bullboxer
scarf: Ardene

Whilst taking these photos I realized that it really was far far far too cold out to be outside without a coat, hat and mitts. The wind nearly blew me down. Why do I live here again??

Today I'm thankful for cuddle blankets. You know, the kind that are heavy, cosy, soft and super warm. Yes. I am longing for spring. 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cross your toes

It's cold and snowy.

mar 19 2013

That's about all the words that I have for today.

top: Smart Set
jacket & skirt: Ricki's 
belt: H&M
tights: Ricki's 
shoes: New Look

Except: Why didn't anyone mention that my top is see through?

Today I am thankful for warming tea. Lots of it. 


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cooking adventures of late

I'm a cliche. I make food. I take photos of the food. Then I share those photos...

These are some things that I've been making lately.

Mini cheesecake bites. Yum-o. Even when you half the recipe. Even when you use low fat cream cheese and it's a bit runnier than desired. Found on Pinterest but my sweet friend Annie Bananie found it first.

After a rough day at work I came home and made some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies (from a mix, less impressive...)

I like to eat the same thing for lunch everyday at work. It saves time and thought. So I make a whole week of lunches. This is a whole bowl. But this time it's made with cauliflower rice. This is everything that I love in one place. Damn, I want some right now!

Since returning from Thailand I've been dreaming of amazing Asian food. I ordered Pad Thai from a place that usually I like. Totally disappointing. And so I made my own from a recipe book that I got at my Thai cooking school. It was incredible! And was even better the next day for lunch!

I really don't like to waste food. But I also find that I can't eat some things fast enough before they go off. I had some rocket (arugula) that was looking like it'd seen better days. So I threw it in a blender with some roasted almonds, some cheese, some lemon juice and a few spices and came up with rocket pesto. Perfect on pasta, crackers or mixed with yogurt, sriracha and lemon juice, it makes a great salald dressing. 

Another lunch time massive cooking operation. Roasted taco veg. Cut up any vegetable you can find. Throw into a bowl with a tad of oil, taco seasoning, other seasoning that comes to hand, salsa and roast on a baking sheet until it looks like you want to eat it. Serve with more salsa, sour cream and if you're feeling up to it, freshly made guacamole. And there you have a healthy lunch for 4 days.

This photo is pretty awful but it was such a treat of a meal. Spinach wilted in butter with garlic and nutmeg (I love spinach!) and a pork delight. I had left over pork and left over coconut milk. What to do? Mix together with spices, garlic, shallots and fresh ginger and slow cook. I had to leave the house just so that I could come inside again to smell how amazing it smelled!

Today I am thankful for cooking adventures. I'm trying to learn to make better use of my food and waste less. I'm trying to have more faith in my "throw things together and call it a meal" skills. Hey, it's all in the way you sell it. 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Witchy Woman

My philosophy on work appropriate gear is wear what you want and keep pushing the weirdo vibe until someone tells you not to. That's how I ended up with pinky hair a few years ago.

march 18 2013

No one mentioned the tights. Shame. 

scarf: market in London
dress: Joe Fresh
tights: ?
boots: Steve Madden
necklace: arts fair

Today I am thankful for experimental cooking. Today I made fresh rocket pesto. Then I made taco seasoned roasted veggies for lunches this week. Then I used left over pork loin and left over coconut milk to slow cook it in garlic and ginger. And it was incredible!!


Monday, March 18, 2013


Today I wanted to feel ladylike. And like spring (just found out that another 20cm of snow is expected!!!!)

mar 14 2013

Immediately after taking these photos this morning I swapped the brown shoes for black ones. The style of the shoe goes with the style of the dress but the colours weren't right at all. Good thing I had extra time this morning to take photos or it might have been a fashion faux pas!

dress: H&M
blazer: made in Vietnam
belt: H&M
tights: Ricki's
shoes in photo: Next
shoes in real life: Spring

It looks like I'm having a discussion with myself over the shoes!

Today I am thankful that it is light out when I go to work now. The sun keeps getting up earlier and earlier and it's a beautiful thing... If only it would stop snowing... 


Friday, March 15, 2013

By leaps and bounds

Today my boss said that I was stylin'. Pretty good compliment from someone who always looks great.

mar 13 2013

I also decided to walk home from work. Which, naturally meant putting my hair in walking braids. Which I subsequently forgot to take out for a few photos.

dress: H&M
leggings: Joe
shoes: Melissa
necklace: on a beach in Vietnam
bracelet: Vietnam

Today I'm thankful for the ability to leap. It's been melting a little so the walk home was more than a little wet. Leaping across puddles was mandatory!