February is always the worst month of the year. I try to add things to look forward to so that it's not quite so long and cold.
This year I went to Cuba! Which was completely excellent and wonderful and warm. I'm so glad that we went. It was great! But then we got back and my tan faded more every step that I walked away from the airplane. And then it was over.
And I had also planned to go to Edmonton to visit my sister. My cousin and his girlfriend decided to come too and it was a great weekend. We saw interesting things, did fun things, and ate delicious things.
But now that was the last of the things to look forward to. There is nothing else coming up. I mean, I guess that spring is coming (maybe? hopefully?) and after that summer. But I guess tonight, thinking about going back to work tomorrow... All I can see is an endless stream of work and dreariness. And I keep thinking to myself, I just want to go somewhere. I just need to go somewhere. All the while forgetting that I just got back from somewhere.
Spoiled. I know.


Anonymous said…
Luckily February is almost over! Also, I think you should make a roadtrip to come visit me!!


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