If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On

Sometimes I spend way too much time on the internet, searching, scouring, investigating. I spend time when I really should be sleeping, reading, cleaning, drawing, writing, do the never ending dishes, going for a walk, daydreaming or any number of more useful or soul filling activities. Usually I just read style blogs and wikipedia articles on interesting things (the money pit on Oak Island!) but last night I found the single best thing on the internet ever.
Music is so important. It can reaffirm your mood, help to change it, bring back memories, aid dreams and love...
Stereomood captures this and makes a playlist based on your mood! Amazing! This is what the website says: "behind every song there's always an emotion. we don't know why but maybe that's why we love music.

so we've created a way to suggest songs that follow your feelings: stereomood is the emotional internet radio, providing music that best suits your mood and your activities." 
This is going to change everything.


Anonymous said…
This is amazing!! How did you come across this? Now we can discover new music while spending too much time on the internet :)

DaniellaBella said…
I know! I listen to it at work and dream of any other place that I could be! It's such a good way to find new music too! Very ambient!

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