Let's all make a change

I've been building up to a crisis for quite a few months. It's building and I can see that it's nearly here and I'm not really sure what to do to stop it. Or if I should stop it. Maybe it's necessary? The fire before the phoenix?
My job is just too much. And I used to love it. Didn't I? I think I did. About a year ago. Now I just keep thinking that if I just have a holiday then I will come back and be refreshed. I'll be able and willing to start working again with verve and passion, excitement and trust. That was fully my intention this last week. I'd be back from New York City and ... and... I got back to my desk and within 2 hours I was stewing and frustrated. I know that I can only help those who want to be helped. But why do they all say that they want to do things and then they don't actually? It's so frustrating!!! And I can't do anything because I think we're all turned around and going in the wrong direction... again. And I'm not saying that I know what the right direction is, but certainly it's not this.

...calm blue oceans...

In New York I met up with my lovely friend LindsayLove. She loves her job. No, like she really loves it. She gets excited to talk about it and show about it. This job allows her to have the life that she wants. She supports the company and believes in the product. And the weird thing is that she's not the only one! It seemed like everyone who worked there (and this was not even in her workplace, just the same company) seemed happy. Even though it was really busy. Even though it was really hot. They liked what they were doing and were having fun. They liked to take care of what they were doing and by really being genuinely happy, they made me happier. And made me believe in the product even more.
How does this happen? Is that something that only comes to very special people? Only people who deserve career happiness? Am I that girl who is always discontented and will never learn? Oh I hope not!
My other friend from England just got a new job the day that she came to NYC. Because she couldn't believe in the company anymore and it just didn't fit in with her lifestyle and values anymore. So she got a new job and is moving back to the country to live a beautiful and less expensive life.
Me too! I want that too! But I also want a similar amount of money. And I want to work downtown. And I want to walk to work and be able to wear different but stylish clothes without recrimination. And most importantly I want EDOs. That 1 day every 2 weeks makes all the difference.
It's the time when I'm going to go see my life / career coach to try to get some perspective and sort this out. And hey look! It's Tuesday, which means I only have to get through 3 more days (this week).


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