Ghetto Sangria

Ghetto Cooking is working with anything that you have in your house, without making too much of an effort and producing something delicious. 
Here is an easy way to make a fabulous summer beverage:

Rummage in your freezer for the frozen berries that you bought thinking that you'd make a super healthy smoothie breakfast.

Place berries in a delightful vessel of your choice

Find the remainder of the bottle of wine that you opened last night. It doesn't matter if it's off, in fact that's probably better because then you don't feel bad for wasting.

Pop open a classy can of any type of Lemon Lime beverage. This is to dilute your potentially bad wine to a drinkable state.

And there you have it! Easy peasy Sangria!


amanda said…
Too funny...That's not ghetto, that's smart (and I do it all the time)....but may I also suggest if you're lacking in the frozen berries, just throw in a little pomegranate juice...yum yum!
DaniellaBella said…
Brilliant! Do you actually have pomegranate juice lying about??

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