The best of me

On Wednesdays the Gentleman Caller and I go for sushi. It's a nice tradition. We always go to the same place and order the same thing. They know our order and it's nice to feel like regulars.

Tonight the guy taking our order said to me "You're always so happy!"

And that really got me thinking (and that sentence makes me feel like Carrie Bradshaw). The only side of me this sushi guy sees is my public, happy I'm about to eat my favourite food side. I reserve the best of me for strangers and the people I love get the brunt of the rollercoaster, overly emotional, stressed out, grumpy bump Danielle.

I might want to take better care of that. I might want to be more mindful that people I love need love too. Maybe I need to be generous enough to my self to chill out and offer the best of me to me. Maybe I need to make more of an effort to see the world in a more lovely light, even when things are hard, to behave in a more lovely manner.

Today I'm grateful for my life the way it is. Although there are really hard things, although I'm lost most of the time... I'm lucky. 

Fitbit report: 12, 582 steps, 9.83 k, 7 floors


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