A spoonful of sugar

Halloween. The time when adults can act like children and promiscuous dress is the norm. Generally I love it. But this year I didn't have the energy to do much at all.

umbrella: part of the clear out of the store that the Gentleman Caller did for my sister's wedding day
bow tie: watch strap
top: Gentleman Caller's
teapot broach: Value Village
belt: Le Chateau
skirt: Forever 21
tights: Ricki's
hat: ?? 10 years ago
shoes: Spring

At work we had a Monster Mash Bash and I came up with Mary Poppins at 7am out of things I had hanging around the house. A free costume is a great costume.

However, the game was up when I met another Mary who had a baby chimney sweep as an accessory. Fair play, Mary!

For Halloween night we decided to forgo the 4 parties that were going on to hang out at home to hand out candy and watch Hocus Pocus. Brilliant plan.

Except, of course, for the fact that we had 4 Halloweeners. And that's only if you count a 3 month old baby, a father-in-law, and 2 friends who heard I had wine. Turns out my new neighbourhood has a severe shortage of children who want to venture down a dark, one sided, dead end street. Weird, that.


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