Facets of Personality

I was at a party with people I don't know very well. One guy started talking about facets of personality. He wanted to know what were 5 facets that informed every decision you make, that are the backbone of who you are. At the time I couldn't really think of anything but the question really stuck with me. 

1) Compassion - I do want to help people. I feel like that might be part of my purpose. To help people and make their day brighter brings me joy. That is a good day. If I can get paid for it - even better

 2) Recognition / Respect
I want to be noticed and ideally adored :) (let's be honest). I want people to recognize if I'm doing a good job. I want them to tell me because I'm never really sure. I don't want to fade into the background. My biggest fear is being forgotten. I'd like to be the kind of person that does things because they are right and never want to be known for them. But I'm not. I don't want to be forgotten. 

3) Searching
A few years ago I might have said discontented but I want to put that in a more positive light. I'm always looking for something more. To learn more about the world, about myself, about becoming healthier, more whole, a journey of self-growth. I hope to be in a state of Santosha but that's a struggle in itself. In my Psychology of Yoga class in University Santosha was described as contentment with where you are while still looking for something more whole, better, real in the future. 

4) Community
I want to feel a sense of belonging and, when I'm at my best, I'm able to create community. I feel like I've been a tying in factor for friends, acquaintances. I want that sense of family with friends. I want to know that everyone I love knows how special they are. I want to make people feel like they belong. I want to feel like I belong. I miss my family and friends who I feel totally at ease with. 

5) Silliness / Humour
Nearly everything can be seen as funny. Life is more fun when you embrace silliness rather than being stressed about trying to fit into a proper social structure. Humour can diffuse a tense situation. And because I'm usually ok with looking like an idiot or playing the fool, I'm not so worried about that kind of ego. I like being silly. It's fun. And it's better when people underestimate you. 


geetabix said…
Isn't it weird how it's almost difficult to admit that you want recognition and respect? I feel like it would be "cooler" not to care, but I really do care. And Boyfriend, if you're reading this, I want to be adored!!

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