Friday, February 3, 2012

Feeling Exposed

A while ago I was talking about my difficulty finding my groove in terms of clothing in Melbourne. The always delightful, insightful Chelsea left this comment: 

I think I might fall apart a bit if I moved somewhere with drastically different weather, since I've grown SO ACCUSTOMED to dressing for cooler temps year round. Layers, layers, layers. I went to Hawaii on vacation a few years ago, and just melted into a puddle of self-consciousness, though I'd felt empowered and like a body image warrior before I left. But leaving behind my sweaters and tights and leggings left me feeling so exposed and vulnerable! I wasn't able to overcome the icky feelings while on the trip, and they lasted through when I got home, but I think if I went again now I'd be better prepared mentally to tell myself that I'm feeling exposed because I am literally exposing more of my body, and allow myself space and time to adjust to that and get my body embracing groove back. So, thanks for posting about this topic, because it really resonates!

As always, she hit the nail on the head. I did feel pretty awesome about how I looked and how I clothed myself back in Canada, even though my body wasn't in it's ideal state. Then I arrived here and didn't know what to do. I looked wrong. I felt wrong. Nothing I brought suited the weather and nothing in the shops suited my style or my body shape or my budget. As soon as I read the bit about feeling exposed because I was exposed I was like "Well! Of course! Silly Dilly!" 

The summery dresses I brought are much too short for me to feel comfortable with. Leggings are too hot but without them I feel like I'm all thighs. And sometimes, I am (this is a very windy city!).  I want to feel comfortable in my skin and it appears that a higher percentage than I wish of that is based on how I feel in my clothes (The Gentleman Caller has taken to calling his clothes that he wears out to work his "armour").  

The solution? Cycle Bloomers. 

I bought these from American Apparel (boo hiss) even though I don't support anything about that store. I had been looking for something like this for ages. They are basically stretchy cycle-type shorts with lacy edges. Now I feel like I can wear my shorter dresses without fear of sneaky wind and flashing the neighbourhood and the dreaded chub rub (TMI? What? It's a thing!). And the lace even looks pretty cute when it pokes out the bottom of my dresses. This invention has made me more confident about wearing the clothes that I have to wear for the weather. 

Propping my rounded edge camera on the headboard of my bed doesn't make for excellent photos. Oh well. 

dress: Big W, $15 
bloomers: Americal Apparel 
thongs: Havianans

Today I am thankful for readers who leave amazing comments that make me think about how I'm relating to my clothes, to my surroundings. 



Laura Go said...

Hurray! That's some great advice, actually! and I love that dress, Danielle!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Chelsea said...

Okay, must get my own cycle bloomers, stat! Well, in time for my next trip to Hawaii/LA/anywhere where it gets hot :) Love the solution my dear... and chub rub is a bitch. P.S. I adore that dress on you! So pretty!

geetabix said...

I feel like this every summer - what? you want me to show you my arms and legs??? But I look so nicely draped and cute in jeans and cardigans!