I  disappeared for a while.

Mostly because I was finishing my job at the Diner.
Giving away 7 pairs of leggings and 4 black tank tops.
Packing all my stuff.
Flying from Melbourne to Darwin.
Hiring a campervan.
Driving through the Outback.
Seeing kangaroos.
Being silently watchful at Uluru.
Walking through gorges.
Hiking up hills.
Boiling up cheap noodles.
Eating PB&J sandwiches.
Paying $2.40 / litre for gas!!!!
Swimming under waterfalls.
Booking into overfull hostels.
Having no internets and little mobile coverage.

There will be stories.
There will be photos.
As soon as internet is stable, accommodation is sorted for more than a few nights. And hopefully a job is had...

Today I am thankful for adventure!!!


Bella said…
Danielle, crossing my fingers that you'll soon have Internet so you can regale us with your tales of adventure! And show us photos of what you've been up to! :)

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