Bits of home: the walls

There are some homes that look perfect. That have everything put away perfectly and the artwork coordinated with the wall colour.
That is not my house. I want memories covering the walls so that any direction that I look I can see the story of the people and places that I love.

Here's what my walls look like (most are  work in progress):

Reminder to make every day awesome

Instax travel photos

My favourites

I can't tell if this is ugly or not but it was my grandmother's 

Prints from Barcelona & the Eiffel Tower

Gift from Spain

Chalkboard meal plan, postcards from London, photo of Melbourne, wooden tree

Fruit photos from markets

Photo from Vietnam and bits and bobs on the mantel 

Instax photos and the ampersand in front of the fireplace

Glitter heart

Photos from Australia

Printic photos

Elephant is waiting to go somewhere on the wall once it's reorganized

A photo a friend took in Hawaii

Street art that I haggled for in the Dominican Republic

Hand me down from a friend

Collection and map

B&W travel photos


Anonymous said…
I think every picture on you walls has a story...and a memory. And really, isn't that the purpose they're meant to serve? I want to see pictures on my wall that remind me of a special place, person, or moment. I think you've already achieved this! :)

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