Lately: Vegas

Oh hey there.

So two ladyfriends and I went to Vegas. I had never been before and thought I knew what to expect.
Turns out...
I'm old!
We really wanted to go out dancing but by the end of the day with the heat, and the people, and the sounds, and the lights, and the walking, and the large slushy beverages, and the stimulation overload.. I just had to have a small lie down.

I, of course, was wearing my FitBit and on the Saturday we walked 38,988 steps. And 78 floors, Which is 27.62 km. No wonder I was knackered!

High Roller reflection in the window of The Flamingo

Almost like the real thing

For the first time in about 7 months... I felt warm

I made them take a lot of selfies

These booty shorts were only $999 at the Kate Spade outlet. Also, they were really, really heavy

So pretty. But also so fake...




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