A Christmas miss

It's hard to be peaceful and joyful in this season where you're supposed to feel that way.
This was not Christmas. This was a day to cry and cry and cry. A day to feel that all is lost and lonely. A day to miss my mom with such a violent longing.

On Christmas Eve night I dreamt that I was in a very familiar place but couldn't find my way. I was lost when I shouldn't have been. And every step I took, the ground was precarious and I was afraid to move forward or backward.

I'm stupidly almost offended by all the Christmas carols that are playing. Angry that people are happy and celebrating. Saddened by all the Christmas greetings that people are sending out. I hope Santa was good to you... How dare you be happy. How dare you act like everything is fine and wonderful and that there is something to be thankful for. This was not Christmas. No stockings. No presents. No singing. No lights. No tree. But people who love us? Who loved mom? Yes, we have those.

We are so lucky to have family and friends and neighbours who took care of us during this difficult season. Who made sure we weren't alone. Nothing looked like Christmas but it was very nice all the same. Except that she's not here. Except that she'll never be here...



xx said…
I've been thinking of you guys through this season a ton. I wish I had words. I wish words could touch the void. I wish I could hug each of you. The wishes get bigger and bigger. You are on my heart. Love to the Saskatchewan O'Byrnes.
LyddieGal said…
Hi Danielle,
Sorry I haven't checked in in a while, and to hear that you've lost your mom. I can't imagine how hard it must be and don't blame you for feeling angry at everyone else's enjoyment of the season.

At least you do have the support of your family and friends to help you get through it. It may never be the same, but I know eventually it will be better.

So saddened for your loss,
eden riley said…
Oh this made me cry - for you, and for the recognition in me.

I am so, so sorry Danielle. Thinking of you xxx

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