Family of balloons

A few years ago, while in Australia, I got a tattoo of a cluster of balloons. One for my dad, one for my mom, one for my sister. My family. My home. My heart.

When my mom died I really felt that I needed a tattoo. For memory, for pain, for grief, for fear. for love.
So I got my mom's handwriting attached to my family of balloons, saying what she always said, what she always wrote to us, what she always made sure we knew.

This is right after the tape was taken off. It's less painful than it looks.

I don't want to forget her. I don't want anyone to forget her. Her absence is palpable.                         


Cara said…
It's so touching that you were able to get it in your mom's hand writing. A very meaningful tattoo!
Megan Gann said…
This is beautiful. I got tattooed right after my mom died too. In fact, one of the places I went the day she died was to our tattoo parlor to let the guys know what happened. She was as inked, if not more so, than me.

I'm so sorry you lost your mom.

It never stops hurting. But we learn to live. Or at least, that's what I keep hoping. I'm barely a month past my mom's death.

That does give me a great idea to go look through the cards she's given me.
xx said…
It is beautiful.

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