Up nights

Leggings as pants have been a thing for a while. But I have not been part of it because it was weird...

feb 2015

I also have a goal to be a bit more badass in my look.

top: Smart Set
Leggings & Cardi: Ricki's
boots: Jessica Simpson

I think I might be a convert but only if they are classy / badassy leggings.


Cara said…
I'm still on the fence of leggings as pants (possibly because I can't find a pair that doesn't go see-through on my butt), but there was a hairdresser where I got my haircut today rocking half "leather" ones as pants, and thought: "ah yes! Badass leggings as tights! Just as Danielle said!"
Hasan said…
I'm pro leggings as pants all the way. Damn the haters!

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