Just a wee bit concussed

In January I had a small mishap.

Jan 2015 2

I fell and hit my head in a ringette game and it wasn't great. As I'm an idiot, I continued to play a few more games. Turns out I had a pretty serious concussion. I was in a fair amount of pain in these photos.

sweater: Ricki's
leggings: Lulu Lemon
socks: ?
boots: Jessica Simpson

After a week of blinding headaches and confusion I ended up in the ER. Not good. I was on brain rest for a few days which means no TV, computer, reading, music, or thinking.

Turns out that you can't just sleep for four days straight no matter how grief-exhausted you are.


Shybiker said…
Oh, no. So sorry to hear. Hope you're feeling better.

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