and the little one said

sept 27 2010

I didn't sleep last night. At all... ok maybe a little bit. Thinking too much about the new job and if I can do it and too much about the current job and what I need to do before Friday

After a night of not sleeping, working, going to the gym and then to a movie (Scott Pilgrim is brilliant! So clever and fun!) the scarf migrated from around my neck to turning me into a pirate... which I don't mind one bit!

But the shoes! Oh the shoes! (I had to wait about 40 minutes for the staff to help me and then find my shoes in Schuh on Oxford Street in London. They're a bit big but I wasn't sending them to look for another pair... I'd still be there!)

Dress - Joe (at Superstore! for reals)
leggings - H&M
shoes - Red or Dead Maxa 
glasses - Prada
scarf - going away present from Crazy Helen in England


TJ Letkeman said…
There were two in the bed, and Danielley said, "Roll over! Roll over!" :)
DaniellaBella said…
That's exactly what she said!

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