Countdown begins

Yesterday got away from me. This week feels like it has gone on forever!
Today I told all my clients that I was leaving this position and almost wanted to cry. I've worked with some of them for a long time and have seen them grow from having very little English to being able to express themselves and dream about their future. I also tackled clearing out my office. The struggle with the sub-par sticky tack has left me exhausted! 
   Sept 20 2010

This outfit looks pretty cute. I love the autumnal colours. I love the shoes. It should have worked. I forgot one crucial thing. This dress is made of a fabric that is a natural enemy of tights or leggings. It stuck to me all day! Disaster! I even wore a cruddy slip and it was a nightmare! The slip slipped up and the skirt stuck to where it wanted to. I was uncomfortable all day. How disappointing. How do I stop this from happening? I want to be able to wear bare-legged summer dresses in the winter!

glasses: Prada
pearls: from my grandma Pearl
cardi: Smart Set
dress: H&M in NYC
belt: H&M in Calgary
leggings: Smart Set
shoes: Fly London 

Yesterday was trivia night! It was brilliant! We didn't win a round all night but we got consistently high scores. We won the last round of the night and sniper-ed the entire night by winning from our super sneaky spot of 2nd place. We have 2 pitchers of beer waiting for us next week!

sept 29

This dress was short and transparent but I just felt so girly and flirty all day!

glasses: Prada
pearls: from my grandma Pearl
dress: H&M in Calgary
ribbon belt: from another dress
shoes: Jessica Simpson


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