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Oh sweet mercy has it been a busy day. I unexpectedly had to do a tour and explanation of the programs at work to the funders...

Sept 28 2010

Then Justin Trudeau came to work (yeah that guy) to talk to staff and clients alike about Immigration challenges, stories and issues. So I got to meet him, shake his hand and coerce him into taking a picture with our Employment team. This will be so great if some day he becomes Prime Minister. And he totally rocked jeans, a button down shirt, and what looked to be awesome Frye boots.

And we're in the paper!

And then after work I raced over to our local community radio station to talk about our programs. As usual, I over-prepared. I had 4 pages of things I could talk about but really only used maybe a page. Apparently 1/2 hour really isn't that long.

Look! I actually mended this old jacket by putting bright buttons on it!

Jacket - Ricki's from ages ago
Shirt - Ricki's 
Skirt - Ricki's  (what can I say? they have nice stuff and great sales!)
Shoes - Red or Dead Maxa via ebay (I'm fairly certain that this was a floor pair in a store. One is a much lighter colour than the other. But my philosophy is "if I walk fast enough no one will notice". It's the same philosophy as slightly hairy legs, let's just be honest)

Dude and it's only Tuesday!


Anonymous said…
I love the detail of the bright pink button on the jacket.
DaniellaBella said…
Thanks! I'm not much of a seamstress so I walked around without buttons for a long time... procrastination leads to shabbiness!

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