Thursday, September 30, 2010

Countdown begins

Yesterday got away from me. This week feels like it has gone on forever!
Today I told all my clients that I was leaving this position and almost wanted to cry. I've worked with some of them for a long time and have seen them grow from having very little English to being able to express themselves and dream about their future. I also tackled clearing out my office. The struggle with the sub-par sticky tack has left me exhausted! 
   Sept 20 2010

This outfit looks pretty cute. I love the autumnal colours. I love the shoes. It should have worked. I forgot one crucial thing. This dress is made of a fabric that is a natural enemy of tights or leggings. It stuck to me all day! Disaster! I even wore a cruddy slip and it was a nightmare! The slip slipped up and the skirt stuck to where it wanted to. I was uncomfortable all day. How disappointing. How do I stop this from happening? I want to be able to wear bare-legged summer dresses in the winter!

glasses: Prada
pearls: from my grandma Pearl
cardi: Smart Set
dress: H&M in NYC
belt: H&M in Calgary
leggings: Smart Set
shoes: Fly London 

Yesterday was trivia night! It was brilliant! We didn't win a round all night but we got consistently high scores. We won the last round of the night and sniper-ed the entire night by winning from our super sneaky spot of 2nd place. We have 2 pitchers of beer waiting for us next week!

sept 29

This dress was short and transparent but I just felt so girly and flirty all day!

glasses: Prada
pearls: from my grandma Pearl
dress: H&M in Calgary
ribbon belt: from another dress
shoes: Jessica Simpson


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Media Darling

Oh sweet mercy has it been a busy day. I unexpectedly had to do a tour and explanation of the programs at work to the funders...

Sept 28 2010

Then Justin Trudeau came to work (yeah that guy) to talk to staff and clients alike about Immigration challenges, stories and issues. So I got to meet him, shake his hand and coerce him into taking a picture with our Employment team. This will be so great if some day he becomes Prime Minister. And he totally rocked jeans, a button down shirt, and what looked to be awesome Frye boots.

And we're in the paper!

And then after work I raced over to our local community radio station to talk about our programs. As usual, I over-prepared. I had 4 pages of things I could talk about but really only used maybe a page. Apparently 1/2 hour really isn't that long.

Look! I actually mended this old jacket by putting bright buttons on it!

Jacket - Ricki's from ages ago
Shirt - Ricki's 
Skirt - Ricki's  (what can I say? they have nice stuff and great sales!)
Shoes - Red or Dead Maxa via ebay (I'm fairly certain that this was a floor pair in a store. One is a much lighter colour than the other. But my philosophy is "if I walk fast enough no one will notice". It's the same philosophy as slightly hairy legs, let's just be honest)

Dude and it's only Tuesday!


Monday, September 27, 2010

and the little one said

sept 27 2010

I didn't sleep last night. At all... ok maybe a little bit. Thinking too much about the new job and if I can do it and too much about the current job and what I need to do before Friday

After a night of not sleeping, working, going to the gym and then to a movie (Scott Pilgrim is brilliant! So clever and fun!) the scarf migrated from around my neck to turning me into a pirate... which I don't mind one bit!

But the shoes! Oh the shoes! (I had to wait about 40 minutes for the staff to help me and then find my shoes in Schuh on Oxford Street in London. They're a bit big but I wasn't sending them to look for another pair... I'd still be there!)

Dress - Joe (at Superstore! for reals)
leggings - H&M
shoes - Red or Dead Maxa 
glasses - Prada
scarf - going away present from Crazy Helen in England


Saturday, September 25, 2010

We gonna find you

Had a lovely lovely wonderful lunch with my lady Yvonnovy. And it was actually sunny for the first time in 2 weeks so we were able to sit outside!

Sept 25 2010

What a treat!

And I feel like an awesome '60s femme fatale with my winged out eye makeup!


We keep on driving

I went to training, raced out of a city that has more poorly planned construction than my own, drove for 2.5 hours and rocked up to my Salsa class just in time. Then I went straight to my Auntie's bday party... and I got to see the Gentleman Caller! Swoon!

sept 24 2010

I actually didn't end up wearing the pink dress underneath. It was too unexpectedly nice out to be layering that much!

Manipulating Motivation

I loved this outfit! I felt professional, fun, attractive and that it was giving off the perception that I wanted. I also felt that I was channeling this awesome blogger, Hillary, here. Ladylike, twirly, but still flirty!
I had to give a presentation in my training session so this was really perfect!
What I could find on Polyvore wasn't exactly what I was wearing but close.

spet 23 2010

This is what it actually looked like with bad lighting and even worse self photographing.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'll leave a light on

Today in training we watched a video about the horse whisperer as a metaphor about how we should be with our clients: gentle, non-judgemental, without pressure, encouraging change in very small doses so that the chances of relapsing to previous behaviour are minimized, but understanding that people are people and who they are is enough (even if they've made bad choices in the past).
This is what he said "I want her to stay with me because she wants to, not because she's being made to"
Isn't that all we ever want for our clients? from our family? our friends? our loves?
I think so...

sept 22 2010


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Deep thoughts

Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are.

Everything that you are is enough...

Today there is hope

Today has been a not all bad day. Which is good. I'm still happy that I'm leaving this job but I'm going to miss these women so very much indeed. Off to Saskatoon for training for the next three days!
Sept 21 2010


Monday, September 20, 2010

Escape from New York

In June I met 2 of my wonderful friends in NY. Lindsay from Phoenix (although I met her in England, travelled to Norway with her and she lives in Providence) and Sarah from England (who I met in England and travelled to Cypress and Barcelona with). It was so wonderful meeting up with old friends from far flung places who I always hoped I'd see but was afraid that I wouldn't.
Lindsay took the bus back to Providence (did you know that it was really close to NY?) and Sarah and I attempted to visit the Statue of Liberty and return with plenty of time to catch our train to Newark Airport. Although the planning was good, the sun was shining and we are smart ladies, nothing went to plan. In short, it was a nightmare. An exasperating, hopefully amusing, nightmare!
Here's what happened to us that very sunny day at the end of June:


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things are changing. That's really the only thing you can be sure of. Mostly?