Monday, May 28, 2012

Day of rest

A few weeks ago we had to be out of the apartment early in the morning due to fumigation. It was my only day off and it was cold and rainy and I certainly didn't want to get out of my bed. 

I went to the State Library to read my book:

If I studied here I would get straight A's. 

I love how it looks like a mythic library is rising up!

Then I went across the street to find some lunch. And discovered that Melbourne Central is more than just a train stop. It's a giant mall. And it has an old Lead Shot factory building in the centre. Back in the day they would drop molten lead from the top into a basin of water at the bottom and let gravity do the work of creating the shot. 

Then, naturally, I sat by the river and had a glass of wine. 

Today I am thankful for new discoveries!



Bella said...

I think that library would ensure many a student good grades! The ambience alone promotes learning! The mythic library rising up from the floor is wonderful! I love it. It's great to see and read about your wonderful discoveries. Thank you for showing us snippets of Melbourne in your posts, lady! :)

Laura Go said...

WOW! that library is AMAZING. I love the sculpture of it rising/sinking! It's just so cool!

♥ laura
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