Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A morning gift

Monday morning, 7:23am

I was walking to work, looking at my feet, thinking about how utterly rubbish Monday mornings are, thinking about how I would get through the day and then jump straight back into my rather uncomfortable bed.

And then I looked up. 

And I saw one hot air balloon floating over the trees. And then I saw another. 

And then I saw another. And one more.

The were floating so silently so perfectly in the early morning light. 

The balloons all floated one by one over the footpath and settled in the field beyond. 

Turns out that if you look up from your blah thoughts and take a moment to see the world around you, you see that magic is all around!

Today I am thankful. That is all. 



geetabix said...


Bella said...

So lovely to see how these air balloons served to change your perspective! The photos are lovely. What a wonderful thing to witness! :)

ola said...

such a beautiful post! Would have been magical to have been there.
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