Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live through this...

Recently life has felt like a lot of 'just get through' moments. Hardly any photos have been taken. I've had a terrible cold for over 2 weeks and internet that only seems to work in the morning... 

The Gentleman Caller and I had to move out of our apartment. The landlord originally wanted us to sign a 6 month contract which was too much committment for us so we talked him down to 3 with the possibility to extend. He seemed to indicated that it was highly likely that we could extend until June but put off giving us a final answer for weeks. Eventually on a cold, rainy Thursday night he said that we had to be out by Sunday morning. I cried. Maybe because it was sudden, maybe because we were about to be homeless, maybe because I really liked the pool, maybe only because it was raining and suddenly I felt very alone. 

We found ourselves a hostel closer to work for both of us. Many people that I work with live there. It's actually pretty alright. We have our own private room in a bugalow in the garden. It's basically like a tiny cottage and, aside from the spiders, rather cute. It's nice to be around people but to still have our own space. It's wonderful to have an outside space. Even to get to the toilet, showers or kitchen we have to go into the courtyard. On sunny days it's a treat. At night it's mighty chilly. 

Our little cabin at the hostel

My boss at work went to America for 2 weeks. And her second in command when to Beijing for 10 days. That left me and 2 of my friends in charge of the diner. It went well, really well in fact. But it was also kind of like we were holding our breath. Please let dinner go well. Please let Mother's day and the champagne and strawberries go well. Please let the ordering go well. Please let some of the dummies get better at common sense. 

From the porch, looking across the courtyard to the kitchen
We are wanting to go to Asia after our time in Australia. Ideally we would like to teach. I'm just not ready to come home yet. Trying to do research about teaching in Japan or Korea has been daunting to say the least. There is so much info that it is really hard to wade through. It appears that we've missed the deadline to apply for Japan. And the processes that we have to go through just to apply to Korea seem completely overwhelming (get a background check from the RCMP that would take 2 weeks if in Canada but because we're here it will take 12 weeks, have to have copies of our University degree and transcripts but to request those is another long process that costs money, getting recommendation letters while not really having a home base, sending professional photos when we can't afford haircuts, worrying about tattoos and beards and non-hire-ability of them). Since the whole having to move into a hostel thing I've pretty much put this on hold. 

The Lodge
We are nearing the end of our time in Melbourne. Less than 2 weeks actually. We have given our notice at our jobs (and I recieved a lovely email from my boss stating that in no uncertain terms would she let me leave and actually needed to keep my passport). We are trying to get rid of some of our stuff (how on earth did I accumulate so many leggings that fall down my bottom?!). We have a flight to Darwin and a campervan booked and we want to drive to Uluru. Other than that we have no plans at all. Which is both exciting and... no, you know what? It's just plain exciting. It feels like the right time to leave. The weather is getting colder and windier. Australians don't know much about indoor heating (but are absolute masters at heating patios and beer gardens!). There isn't any in our little hut that we live in. Also the door doesn't seal at the top so I can see the cold air before I can feel it. The Gentleman Caller has been out of town for the last week on a roadtrip for work. So that means that I don't even have him to keep me warm. The only good thing (and there is always at least one!) about a cold room is that my bedside water bottle is always deliciously cold!    

BBQ and chill out area

Today I am thankful for taking one day at a time. For trying to live in the moment even when that's difficult.



Marnie said...

I am sorry your time in Melbourne has been less than stella. As a Melbournite through and through it disappoints me to hear you are leaving and you've had a hard slog of it.

Laura Go said...

BIGGEST BEAR HUGS EVER. I totally admire you for being so adventurous and for keeping your head up all the way through, Danielle. I don't know anyone as daring and as persevering as you! No doubt, everything will be OK because you are AWESOME and AWESOME things happen to AWESOME people :)

You're in my thoughts!

♥ laura
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Chelsea said...

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with life decisions myself lately, so can relate to the daunting feelings of figuring out next steps! Your upcoming adventure does indeed sound exciting, my dear, and much needed. I'm glad you and the GC will get some QT together :)

Bella said...

Danielle, in spite of the ups and downs that you have undergone, I'm certain this has been an enlightening journey. It has taught you how resilient, brave, and adventurous you are. And above all, that you are living life on your own terms. Kudos to you! I can't wait to see where the road takes you next! :)

Carol said...

Hang in there - I'm sorry things have been so rough for you. That cottage really is cute, for what it's worth.