Canada Day weekend

This Canada day weekend was great. 

There was walking up the hill with my 89 year old grandpa. 

All the way to the little church at the top. 

Looking down to the big church at the bottom and the beautiful valley and lake system

Hiking clothes?

The beautiful sunsets from our deck

My dad smoked 5 pork butts to make the most delicious pulled pork for a huge party. 

And then we ate some more in a Canada Day tradition of fries and onion rings on the beach

And today? Today is moving day!!!!!


Cara said…
Glad you enjoyed your Canada Day! You had a lot of fun activities to get in there! We helped a friend move and then we browsed through a street festival, but we were really too exhausted to enjoy it! We then went home and grumped on the couch -- though I remember doing the exact same last year!
geetabix said…
What a gorgeous place!

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