Work it baby

So here's the thing. I've always hated the idea of the gym. Our ancestors would think that we are crazy to go inside and run around going no where, accomplishing nothing. Of course, our ancestors were also out tilling the field and making babies to help till the field and had no time for leisure.

I always thought that I'd rather go outside or play a spot. Except that I didn't. I'm pretty good at convincing myself not to do something.


So when we got back to Canada after travelling the Gentleman Caller and I decided to get (slightly more) fit. We found a gym that cost only $10 a month. WHAT A BARGAIN!

We've been going 4 times week so it's pretty good return for money. But  going that often means that I needs exciting outfits that make me feel fabulous. And by going more often I am more confident to wear sassier things. It's a pretty good circle to be in.

jacket: Champion, Costco
top & leggings: Lulu Lemon
shoes: Diesel, hand me downs from my sportsy little sister

And while going to the gym hasn't made one ounce of different in my weight, it's made heaps of difference in my strength. I love going to the gym and blasting through my pervious personal record.

Today I'm thankful for having a body that is strong enough to carry me around in my day to day life. Really, I'm pretty lucky. 


Style Journey said…
You look great and I love purple so this outfit rocks! Good for you going to the gym. I am soooo LAZY!
Cara said…
Purple at the gym! Makes me happy everytime I see it. Love those endorphins too!
Shybiker said…
You look great! There's such criticism about WLAP (Wearing Leggings As Pants) but I think it's flattering, especially on gals as attractive as you.
his_girl_friday said…
You look cute! This post makes me feel like I should go to the gym... and yet... not going to happen :)
LyddieGal said…
Good for you for being so committed! and you look pretty cute too!
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