Will there ever be a Monday morning where I don't want to push snooze?

jan 27 2014

That I'll wake up refreshed? And excited? And ready to go?

top: Joe Fresh
dress: H&M
tights: ?
shoes: Fly London
necklace: shop in Madrid
bracelet: gift

Today I'm thankful for dresses that spin and make me feel like a lady. 


Cara said…
I went through a phase of needing 10+ hours of sleep a night, so I got accustomed to going to bed earlier and earlier. Just as suddenly as I started that, I snapped out of it, and found myself awake before my alarm this Monday. It was nice. But eery. And then I fell back asleep and ended up hitting the snooze button anyway!
Laura Go said…
you look so much cheerier than I do on Mondays! Love that dress!
geetabix said…
I also had the extreme sleepies in December/January, but it's getting a bit better as the days are getting longer. Spring equinox is only six weeks away!

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