Cold as cold

Today it was so cold my nose hairs hurt.

Today it was so cold that my eyes started to water. And then froze to my cheek. All in the space of walking one block.

This photo is from a week ago when it was lovely out, a balmy -14C (7F) and I went to a 2 hour walk. 


This is the forecast for tomorrow. With the windchill it's -55C (-67F). Which, of course, is insane. And I realize that I'm the lamest by talking about the weather. But it has made me come up with some inventions.


1) A car that drops you off at the front door and self parks. No walking outside while the wind tears your face off.

2) A heating pad in you bed that you can start from your phone. That way when you get home your bed will be cozy and your toes toasty. 

Until then I'm under the covers. Literally. 


Shybiker said…
We're all done with Winter. Bring on Spring!
geetabix said…
Please send your super inventions to Edmonton. It is only about 2 degrees warmer here. All of my everything is frozen. Grumbling in solidarity!
geetabix said…
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