Long weekend plans

This weekend is a long one. I guess the powers that be finally came to their senses and gave us a day off in the middle of the worst month ever. It's called family day and it's awesome. This Monday is also my regular day off so I get Tuesday off as well. SUPER LONG WEEKEND!

I'm so excited for it. I have not much planned. But there are a few goals that I'm hoping to achieve.

* Drinks with a friend
* Valentine's dinner and bubbly with the Gentleman Caller

* Gym
* Coffee
* take in recycles
* phone AirMiles to make a trip happen
* buy some glitter (project in the works!)
* work on a photo project
* get supplies to make Dukkah

* Gym
* Coffee
* Reading - I really want to try to have less screen time this weekend. Maybe while watching a movie I could knit instead of Pintresting
* Make watermelon mint juice
* Perhaps walk to the fancy hotel and watch Olympics and have a drink in the fancy lounge

* Brunch
* Organize shoes
* Try on leggings and tights - throw away the crap ones. Organize the good ones.
* Make a cauliflower base pizza
* Make apple spinach mint juice (try it with black cherry bourbon!!)
* Pick up parents from the airport - coming back from Cuba!

* Sleep in!
* Drink tea
* Work on glitter project
* Sweep the apartment
* Clean the kitchen
* Gym
* Ringette game

I want to accomplish all of these things. But in the most gentle way possible. Lots of rest, relaxation, laughs and music.


geetabix said…
Sounds so fun! I would feel ambitious planning 1/2 of that.

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