Business in the front

Once upon a time I saw some boots on the internet. They were sparkly. They were also like $200. I figured that I could do it for much cheaper.

True story. I love how they've turned out. Construction work in the front. Fairy princess in the back!

They don't shed a lot of glitter but every now and then I can see a little gold sparkle winking up at me from the floor. It's like my own personal yellow brick road. Or glittery bread crumbs... I can always find my way back home.

cardigan: Joe Fresh
top: Ricki's
jeans: Cleo
boots: Joseph Seibel, glitter DIY
scarf: market in Cambodia
glasses: Dolce & Gabana

Today I'm thankful for making it work!


Cara said…
Our office cleaning staff decides when to vacuum based on a quick glance at a hallway and not anywhere that dirt tends to collect, so it's been a month since they've vacuumed. Maybe if I had glittery shoes I'd leave pretty trails of glitter down the hallway and they'd vacuum more often!!
That comment went a weird direction. What I meant to say was I want glittery shoes! Now you just need to tell me how to so it!
Shybiker said…
I want some I want some I want some!!

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