Sometimes we take inspiration from Pinterest... or celebrities... or cartoons?

Minnie Mouse is my muse!

(Just imagine I have shoes on... left them at work)

glasses: Dolce & Gabana
dress: eShakti
top: Joe Fresh
cardigan: Joe Fresh
belt: H&M
tights: Target
necklace: Paraphernalia 

Today I'm thankful for longer days. 


Cara said…
I went as Minnie Mouse for Halloween the year before last and one of the guys in Event Planning where I work met me for the first time that day. He still calls me Minnie and I like to confuse him by randomly slipping my Minnie ears on if I know he'd going to go past my office. Maybe I should go Minnie inspired one day too!
Shybiker said…
Cute! I like the fashion of cartoon characters because it's bold with simple colors and designs. That's the way I naturally want to dress. I'm not subtle. You look great here.

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