Here we go

I'm pretty happy with how much 'Sexy Librarian' these glasses give me.

march 2014

And also, totally unrelatedly, House is on Netflix now. Which means that I'm pretty sure everyone I know has Lupus and needs a Lumbar Puncture.

cardigan: Suzy Shier
dress: Joe Fresh
tights: Ricki's
shoes: Irregular Choice
glasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Today I'm thankful for sass. I wish I had more of it. 


Cara said…
oh my goodness yes! I didn't think House was affecting me that much until I had slight stomach pains yesterday. Sure, it's common in pregnancy, but oh my goodness what if it's a tumor or a parasite or my stomach eating itself! I also can't make it through an episode without crying and swearing it's the last one I'll watch, but unless Scott switches the show, I just keep watching!!
I've watched a lot of House, but I stopped at like Season 6 I think? I always loved Wilson's interactions more than anything else.

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