All things grow

This skirt.
I tell you what.

may 2014

I've had it for a million years. Got very bored of it. Thought it was still worth keeping so I popped a bright ribbon on it.
jacket & skirt: Ricki's
top: Smart Set
shoes: Red or Dead Maxa

Real talk: it's held on with Duct tape. And that stuff holds up.

I've been away. I've been tired. I've been living. I'm back to the blog, with any luck more than just sporadically. 

Today I'm thankful for the rain. It makes all things grow.


Shybiker said…
Welcome back, buddy. And you perked up the skirt in a nice way. I often have to tailor my clothes without the benefit of sewing skill, so I'm familiar with the use of duct-tape, safety-pins, glue, etc. for makeshift repairs. Nothing wrong with that if the result is what you want.

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