Saturday, April 28, 2012


A few years ago when I was travelling through Europe I had a Polaroid camera with me every step of the way. I love the immediacy and the intimate vibe that you just can't get through digital photos. Plus when I lost my camera with over 800 photos and 7 countries, all I had left were my Polaroids. After much time and much rough treatment I have had to part ways with 3 different cameras. I really feel that this Australia trip would benefit from instant photography. I am missing that. I think that I want the Fujifilm Instax 7 

I just have to figure out how to afford it. I guess now, even more than before, $2 tins of soup with rice is going to be dinner. 

EDIT: I got paid a day early. And it was sunny for the first time in a week. And I bought it... I don't regret it, I just wish I had a Fairy $-Mother or a non-creepy sugar daddy... 


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danielletocker said...

Hooraay! I don't use mine enough. Maybe I will now!