Little things

A couple of weeks ago I took a walk that accidentally turned into a 4 hour trek due to some miscalculation on my part and a Grand Prix cutting off my short cut. I started the day off pretty grumpily but then came across little things that make me happy. 

The terrifying entrance to Luna Park:

Walking along the Esplanade:

Pretty pretty flowers:

Palm trees growing out of the sidewalk:

Old windows:

Beautiful Victorian architecture: 

Today I am thankful for the little things. 


geetabix said…
That park entrance is totally creepy. I love the pretty windows though!
Laura Go said…
I remember those flowers from when I was growing up in the philippines! if you crush their leaves up and add water to them, you can make blow bubbles!

♥ laura
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Bella said…
How wonderful that you managed to turn a grumpy attitude into a more positive one as you spyed such pretty and scary things! That park entrance seems to have a life of its own! :)

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