Once upon a time I beat up and assaulted a lady... While I was at work

I worked for years for an agency that helped Newcomers to Canada (refugees and immigrants) settle in my city. We had employment related classes, English classes, counsellors, everything.

One day I was covering reception and had a very important message to pass on to one of the ESL teachers. I saw her pass the door on her way down a long and winding hallway to her classroom. I jumped out of my chair and darted across the room in my high heels, my arms pumping like crazy as I ran. 

Unfortunately, in my haste, I ran out of the door without looking to see if anyone else was coming down the hallway. I managed to punch one of the Russian ESL students. Twice. Then whilst saying "I'm so sorry" over and over I accidentally grabbed her boob to steady her from falling over. 

She didn't understand anything that I was saying and just looked appropriately horrified. And I shame-facedly scurried back to my desk without delivering the message that caused me to run like an idiot in the work place.


Carol said…
Oh no! Hahaha, this is so awful and yet so funny! Like something out of a Sophie Kinsella novel. :) Thanks for sharing.
brittneynikkole said…
This would happen to me. But only after you add in parts about tripping and walking away with bruises.
Bella said…
Danielle, oh no! How tragic and yet so funny! Please forgive me but I can't avoid chuckling at the visuals of your situation! :)

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