Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Small Adventure

A couple of weeks ago I went on a mini-adventure with a friend. It mostly involved going to the suburb of Brunswick and walking back to the city whilst stopping at various pubs along the way. 

Part of what we talked about was how it is so easy to get into the routine of working 6 days a week and being too tired on the one day off to do anything exciting. When I have a day or even a half day off I usually bum around on the internet (which takes far longer than it should because my internet is so shoddy that it takes about 10 minutes for a page to load up. And even then sometimes there is no pictures!) go for lunch at one of the places I always go to and have a nap. I'm not really enjoying or discovering this amazing city that I'm living in!

I decided to try to get out and about more. Sometimes when you are tired resting makes you more tired and doing things energizes you. 

The next day the Gentleman Caller texted me to say that there was a shoe sale going on right down the street. I thought I'd go for a quick little look. It was held in the underground carpark of an office building. There were stacks and stacks of Nine West and Steve Madden shoes and women running around barefoot and nearly unable to see of the shoeboxes in their arms. Madness! I did cave and buy some gorgeous pewter peep toes. But for 70% off who can resist???

Then I took the train to Footscray only because I'd never been there. 

Footscray is an area where lots of immigrants have settled. It was sort of nice being around people of many different cultures because it reminded me of working with refugees and immigrants back in Canada. It's also not a rich area by any means. Most of the stores were bakeries, fruit and veg shops, hair salons, and stores selling international phone cards. It acutally really reminded me of the area that I lived in in London (Turnpike Lane) but a bit more vibrant and full of like. I really enjoyed that most of the retailers signs were not in English! Like stepping into another world!

I caught the train back to the city and went into China town. The laneways look a bit dodgy but there is some amazing (and cheap!) dumpling places down them if you are brave enough to look. Also, apparently, down this one you could go to a $2 peep show. Huh. 

There are about 6 or so gates that mark out China town. They are beautiful and ornate! My Malaysian friend keeps telling me that there is an amazing Asian dessert store somewhere on this street. I'm hoping she will take me there one day soon! 

I finished the day off at one of my favourite places: the Belgian Beer Cafe. When I sat in the beer garden, enjoyed a cold beer and wrote. Perfect. 

Today I am thankful for remembering that small adventures are worth looking for. And that there are new and beautiful things right around the corner if only you look. 


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