A birthday outing: AFL

The day before we left Melbourne for the next phase of our adventure it was the Gentleman Caller's birthday. Our lovely friends had us over for lamb and birthday cake... Complete with non-extinguishing candles! Funny!

When then dressed in many layers and waited for the train. Luckily I brought my flexible tripod and we had time for a mini photo session. I think the boys were the most impressed of all.

The train took us to the massive Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) where we watched an AFL game. The stadium is so huge that it felt like we were rather far away from the game. Maybe that's because our tiny stadium at home fills to the brim with rowdy fans and the roar of the cheering crowd can be heard all over our little city. The fans cheered at the AFL game cheered valiently but they just couldn't fill that stadium with noise. It was pretty fun though. I especially like how the refs signify a goal (a touchdown? A try?) but pointing their fingers violently and waving flags with flourish. 

Today I am thankful for friends seeing us off in style. 


Laura Go said…
You have the bestest friends :) And happy birthday to GC!

♥ laura
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