Oh internet
Why doesn't the whole world know that you are a right not a privilege?

Ever since I arrived in Australia finding decent, fast, and reasonably priced internet has been nothing but a struggle. At home I paid $40 a month for unlimited brilliant internet. I took it for granted. I didn't realize that it wasn't normal.

The Gentleman Caller and I are living in Darwin, Northern Territory. We plan to be here for about 3 months. We both have jobs which, while not ideal, pay well and they were pretty easy to get. But because it is the dry season and the town is overrun with backpackers and tourists prices are outrageous! We secured the first and only accommodation that we could find, comfortable but basic and painfully expensive. And added to that is exorbitant internet prices, more for a week than I am used to paying for a month!!

So right now I'm sitting in an outdoor mall in sunny central Darwin drinking an iced chocolate (which is sadly neither icey nor chocolaty) using the free internet. It's great for looking at things, terrible for uploading photos...  So we shall see if I'm ever able to post photos...

Today I am thankful to be exactly where I am, even though it doesn't sound like it.


Marnie said…
Most libraries in Australia provide free internet access.

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