What to wear when hiking up the side of a mountain

Next on the roadtrip of fun was Katherine Gorge. We climbed straight up from the river to the top of the Gorge. It is not so very easy to climb giant rock steps with no safety precautions in Crocs (I maintain that fancy Mary Jane Crocs have a use in the world. Like for rock climbing).

Some people think that you should wear hiking shoes and maybe canvas shorts and a sweat-wicking top to climb natural wonders. I think you should remain cute and true to yourself!

hat: gift
necklace: ??
sunnies: Ricki's
top & skirt: Target
shoes: fancy Crocs

And the only way to stay cool in this heat? Pull on your braids Pippy Longstocking style. Obviously. 

For more photos of the gorgeous Katherine Gorge and of kangaroos (!!!!) click on through to Mind the Ramp!

Today I am thankful for magical moments. And cute skirts. 


Laura Go said…
WOW! I love the view! And your hiking dresscode philosophy too! hahaha. I could never stay cute while doing any physical activity!

♥ laura
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Meganne said…
Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
Material Fixations
Lagelle said…
That hat looks lovely on you and great outdoor captures <3


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