Top End Roadtrip: Kakadu

After we flew to Darwin and picked up our campervan we headed out to Kakadu National Park. 

We saw road trains...


Climbed up rocks... In fancy Crocs...

Saw ancient Aboriginal art. It blows my mind that people have been living in this area for so so so long. And up until rather recently, their way of life was pretty much unchanged. The ranger that we ran into mentioned that this art was modern by comparison to a lot of other art in the area. This art is only about 1000 years old! 

The peacefulness of the country was incredible. I could tell just by watching the sunlight moving over rocks and the wind in the trees that this is a special place. 

I also fell out of my shoes trying to get into the photo before the timer went off...

dress: Target
sunnies: Ricki's
purse: B. Sirius 
shoes: fancy Crocs

Cooking dinner outside makes me silly.

Today I am thankful for a partner in crime. 


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