Mounds of termites

Driving through the middle of Australia is an interesting experience. Mostly because there isn't a lot to see. Every now and again there will be a town or a roadhouse (once I saw an ENORMOUS pig wandering around the gas pumps! Too shocked to get a photo!). There was one thing that was constant, these strange towering lumps by the side of the road. I couldn't figure out what they were. Dead trees? No. Grave stones? No. Alien life forms? Maybe.

The Gentleman Caller told me that they were termite mounds. WHAT? That's a thing? I didn't believe him until we went to a specific tourist site dedicated to them. 

They are strangely beautiful and I'm still not sure how they make them. It must take zillions of termites years to do this. Most were taller than me. 

I always thought that termites did nothing more than eat your wooden house. Very industrious little beasts!

Today I am thankful for learning new things. And, to be honest, a little sad that the mounds weren't from space. Because that would have been awesome. 


You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now!
Laura Go said…
no way! Termite mounds? That's insane! They look amazing and SPACETACULAR ;)

Thanks for your sweet words, Danielle!

♥ laura
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