Monday, August 20, 2012

things that make me want to vomit just a little

You know those things that are not so good? The kind of things that disgust and disappoint you? That make you want to vomit just a little? Yeah...

The traditional Aboriginal owners of Uluru have signs posted all around the rock and in the cultural centre asking, pleading, begging people not to climb Uluru. It is a sacred site to them, as it should be to everyone.  It's a dangerous climb because of the powerful sun, steep ascent and strong winds. So that is reason enough not to climb it. I felt so disappointed in all of these tourists who thought they were more important than respecting someones beliefs. And people were bringing their children as well. To me that effectually says to the children that they never need to behave when someone asks them too. Because they can do what they want. I mean, look at that scar on the side of the rock from millions of heavy boots. 

Another beautiful natural area, King's Canyon, and more evidence of jerks. Why can't we just enjoy natural beauty without marking it all up with our stupidity? 

Also in King's Canyon, which again is a sacred spot, there were signs with messages from the traditional owners politely asking people to refrain from carving their names in the trees. Not only is it ugly and disrespectful, it also harms the living tree. And for what? So that others can see that Nathan was here in 2009? I want to give Nathan a very stern look. 

This next one has nothing to do with people being disrespectful. It has to do with highway robbery. As we drove down into the Red Centre gas prices began to rise steadily. I get it. Everything is pretty isolated and has to be trucked in a long way. But it just kept getting worse and worse! $2.40 per litre!!!! And everyone has to fill up here because it is literally the ONLY petrol station in hundreds and hundreds of kilometres. I turned into a curmudgeon at this point and kept saying things like "when I started driving gas was 65 cents a litre"... which is an absolutely true story. 

Mind blown...



archives vintage said...

things like this make me hate people. sad, but true. why do we think we "know better" or have more of a right to do something than someone else? ughghgh.

geetabix said...

Aw, people are such jerks. And you're so right- they're raising their kids to do the same thing.