Thursday, August 16, 2012

The rock

The main destination of this roadtrip was to see Ayers Rock, traditionally called Uluru.

 It was incredible, huge, and somehow a very special, sacred place. 

scarf: ?
cardi: Sears
jeans: Target
shoes: Fancy Crocs

It's hard to describe the feeling I had here. I spent a long time in silence, looking at this rock, listening to the wind in the trees...   Click on through to Mind the Ramp to see more photos and thoughts...

How very lucky I am to have gone to this incredible wonder. How thankful I am that the traditional owners share their sacred space with us. Today I am thankful that I live in this amazing world. 



Style Journey said...

These photos are absolutely stunning! What great treasures we have in this crazy world we live in :)

Laura Go said...

oh my word. It's so very beautiful. I have never even considered Australia as a destination for vacations and whatnot, but Danielle, I NEED TO NOW!

♥ laura
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