I went to Wellington too. But it was really windy the whole time. And mostly we went to Te Papa museum which was incredible and drank beer at a cool place called the Bangalore Polo Club with it's sumptuious red decor. So there weren't any photos of that particular adventure.

Auckland though... Full of very random events. Walking down the street we bumped into a performance art thing? There was dancing and acting and poetry. And there was also this celebratory statue.

Then heading down to the water the Gentleman Caller and I came across The Parkies! A parallel parking competition. I bet if my mom entered she would win hands down. Me? Forget it. We watched the finals. It was pretty neck and neck and all were on edge to see who would win. 

Weird, right? Totally. 

Pretty pretty water.

Pretty pretty Auckland. 

Today I am thankful for making plans. We chose Auckland as the city to fly out  of and then made the rest of the journey work. It was perfect. I love love loved New Zealand and will definitely be back one day. The air is so crisp and clean. The blues of the sea and sky are mesmerizing. The whole country is lush as anything but also so precarious since it's earthquake and volcano central. Just an outstandingly beautiful and friendly country. 


Kerry said…
Outstandingly beautiful indeed xo
Laura Go said…
hold on. a parallel parking competition? COUNT ME OUT. hahaha. that is so insane! I totally don't know how the hell I passed that portion of my driving exam, since I absolutely DETEST parallel parking and have almost no coordination to do it. (stereotype much? it's true!)

Anyway, where I got my license (Alaska) you don't need to know how to parallel park since there's so much space! But here in Illinois, it's a necessary skill.
♥ laura
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