Old things are awesome

In Nha Trang there is a group of towers that was built a long time ago. Like in 781(well, at least that's when the towers were founded, they've been built and rebuilt). I know, my mind is blown as well. They were built by the Cham people in Vietnam for a goddess. 

The weather was beautiful that day so instead of paying good money and compromising safety to a taxi/cyclo/moto we walked the 4 km. 

The light was perfect. How gorgeous are these buildings? There are still people that go there to pray so you have to be dressed appropriately and take off your shoes to go inside. 

It was beautiful and peaceful. That is until Gangnam Style started blasting and some of the people working there began to learn how to do the dance. Even those dressed very traditionally, which looked and felt weird (and wonderful!)

For more photos of amazing old buildings in perfect light clickity click on Mind the Ramp!

Today I am thankful for unexpected moments. And the sun. 


Style Journey said…
So beautiful! What an amazing experience to see such history. Happy New Year!
geetabix said…
Looks amazing. Happy new year!
Kimberly said…
Love reading about your travels! Thanks for sharing!

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