We had stayed for one short night at an awesome hostel that served free hot chocolate pudding every night. Sadly, we had been on the bus for about 13 hours (our original bus broke down and eventually we flagged down another bus company to shove us on theirs. The only seats available were at the back. Where someone had clearly vomited early in the day) and just needed real food. 

In NZ there was the cutest size of Coke. It's tiny! And actually the perfect amount. And it makes one feel like a giant, which is always a source of good times. 

The Interislander is the ferry that goes between the South and North Islands of New Zealand. And it's not a terribly creative name but somehow I really like it. The Interislander. Yup. 

The entire trip from New Zealand's south to north island was incredible. Such beautiful views. 

Today I am thankful for the colour blue. God, it's so gorgeous I could just fall headfirst into it. 


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