Life lately

I'm sort of out of the blogging habit.

This is what I have today: life according to the warm, fuzzy glow of Instagram!

Enjoying the first patio of the season. Finally!

First Farmer's Market of the year! Bought all the fixings for an amazing dinner!

Just a small chestal photo of a bit of glitter

Dinner: Fish, spinach, asparagus, guacamole

At my favourite coffee shop

First bare legs after heaps and heaps of snow

Forgot my shoes when I went to the gym. I was so determined to work out, that I bought these ugly bowling shoes!


Cara said…
I miss the Regina farmer's market! So much more convenient than the closest one to us (ok, it's only an extra 7 minute drive further). My bro-in-law owns a greenhouse here and as soon as the local produce starts growing I'll go buy it there. I'm looking forward to getting a few new-to-me veggies now that Scott is a bit more adventurous when it comes to (healthy) food!

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