Sometimes all it takes to feel fabulous is red lippy!

Jacket: Ricki's
Dress: eShakti
Leggings: Joe Fresh
Flip flops: Impanema, from Cambodia 

iPhone photos aren't great, are they? 

But this day sure was! 

Today I'm thankful for everyday magic. 


Style Journey said…
Lipstick always makes me feel better! Love your red dress
Shybiker said…
A. Door. A. Bull.
Cara said…
Took me a minute to understand Ally's comment. Doh!
I love how lipstick just pulls everything together. I just don't like the maintenance factor! Any secrets?
Anonymous said…
Sing it, sister! I love red lippy in the summer! It looks so sultry and inviting! hee hee! And I am loving this hair color on you! :)

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